“The Resilience Doughnut is a new process with a new thinking. The resources are simple but so effective. It’s like a little piece of everyday magic that anyone can do.”

“The accredited training has given me a sound understanding of the Resilience Doughnut – the research basis, Kohlberg’s moral code, integration and solutions focussed skills. Seeing Lyn in action has been a buzz! I can’t wait to use the process.”
Counsellor and therapist

“The Resilience Doughnut is an approach to help anybody develop greater resilience in their lives. It’s a fantastic resource for schools.”
High school teacher

“The Resilience Doughnut is a tool to provide positive outcomes for all people. I see it as a way to focus on the strengths of young people and enhance growth and positive attitudes for a way forward in their lives.”
Youth care worker

“This Resilience Doughnut is a must for all children, families and anyone who has contact with young people today.”
Primary school teacher

“Having attended the Resilience Doughnut training I can see the process is a very effective tool to empower individuals to gain a sense of worthiness so they can develop resilience in their lives.”
Case worker

“The Resilience Doughnut Online Game is such an educational tool and so appealing to young people. Such a modern and clever way of engaging teens to enhance their repertoire of skills!”
High school year coordinator

“When I did my Resilience Doughnut I realised that there were some things still working well even when I thought everything was bad. So I spent time with my cousins on the weekend and I felt stronger when I went to school on Monday”
Boy aged 12

“The Resilience Doughnut completely changed how I was approaching my kids. I was trying to help them by fixing the problems. Now I focus on their strengths and it really works. The flow on effect is evident in his change in attitude at school.”
Parent of two

“The Resilience Doughnut challenges the prevailing culture of the schools I have worked in but frankly it is a welcome change. It helps to focus on what is working to achieve change and I feel more optimistic about the kids at the end of the day.”
Year 7 advisor

“I use the Resilience Doughnut as a way to gather information in a first session. It helps to see what is working and gives us both hope for positive change. I recommend it thoroughly”
Clinical Psychologist

“The Resilience Doughnut helps us identify all the resources available to the child, enabling clear and decisive actions”
Family Lawyer