After graduating from university, Erica spent the next 20 years working in the communication industry as a producer and presenter on Channel Seven’s Sydney Weekender, as well as hosting her own radio shows both in Sydney and Melbourne.


During this time, Erica developed a passion for understanding “what great communication looks like” and how it affects our level of resilience as well as our mental and emotional wellbeing. Erica spent over a year researching and developing a series of workshops to present in schools and work places, under her business Communication Generation.

Erica went on to study the Resilience Doughnut Model under Lyn Worsley and believes the model, with its strengths based approach and validated research, is an amazing resource to help adolescents build resilience and to thrive in everyday life. Erica is a licensed Resilience Doughnut trainer based on the NSW Central Coast and is available to travel extensively to present and facilitate events for students, parents and teachers.