Claire lives out West in Perth, Western Australia and she is the mother of 4 dynamic boys and takes the business of social emotional well-being very seriously, knowing that it is the foundation to raising a happy and successful child, who is then a part a happy and successful family. She qualified as a Speech Pathologist in the early 1990’s and since that time has progressively re-qualified in mental health, with an emphasis on social emotional well-being and resilience. Claire has worked with Australia’s leading Social Emotional Learning school-based program provider, passionately educating teachers, parents and children and adolescents on how to look after and build a strong and resilient base from which to springboard into life.

Claire believes that developing knowledge through fun, engaging and practical teaching methodologies gives people power to work, act and connect differently and far more powerfully in all aspects of their lives. She also works in private practice as an Educational Consultant, Professional Counsellor and Parenting Coach. The Resilience Doughnut has become a firm favourite of her’s for working with children and families, teachers and allied health professionals in understanding the internal and external factors contributing to the development of resilience. Claire speaks regularly in schools, community groups and conferences across the state of Western Australia on all aspects of social emotional well-being and is passionate about introducing people to the simplicity, sense and applicability of The Resilience Doughnut.