Lyn is the creator and author of The Resilience Doughnut model. As a clinical psychologist and registered nurse, her experience in a number of contexts such as hospitals, correctional facilities, child care, schools and allied health care services, informs her application of the model. She is a dynamic teacher and engaging psychologist with a practical edge to her use of research and theory. Training, as well as therapy, are key strengths for Lyn, working with over 200 schools, business, corporate and community organisations to build resilience, personally and/or professionally, helping people to flourish and thrive through adversities.

Lyn is also the Director of The Resilience Centre in Sydney Australia, which has a reputation for innovative strengths-based and solution-focused approaches to client change through individual and group therapies for over 25 years. At The Resilience Centre, Lyn supervises specialist psychologists, and coordinates resilience groups, community seminars and training workshops for people of all ages. Lyn has a dynamic style of relating and teaching across disciplines, and her teaching focus is on personal application to enhance learning. She is also the author of “The Resilience Doughnut Book – The Secret of Strong Kids” and “The Resilience Doughnut Book – The Secret of Strong Adults”.