Resilience in the Workplace

Build the resilience of your organisation and create a mentally healthy workplace today.

The Resilience Doughnut model provides a practical process to build resilience in every workplace.

Our resilience programs aim towards a more connected and engaged workplace. The Resilience Doughnut model shows the common factors of those who survive and thrive. The model shows how those who are resilient find their strengths in belonging, success, connecting to peers and having a sense of purpose in their work. The Resilience Doughnut organisational programs encourage the process of building resilience for staff and management teams, aiming toward stronger retention, engagement, and higher work performance.

If resilience is developing, each of the stakeholders develop observable characteristics such as:

  • grit and determination
  • social skills and compassion
  • a growth mindset
  • openness to change
  • finding opportunities during difficulties
  • a solution focused approach to managing conflict
  • a connected and engaged workforce


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