About The Resilience Doughnut

"Through difficulties we are strengthened. Through sadness we learn compassion. Through compassion we connect. When we connect we build our resilience" - Lyn Worsley

Many factors in a person’s life contribute to their development, including family, teachers, work, friends and their local community.

The Resilience Doughnut combines the key areas of resilience research proposed over the past few decades.  Past research into resilience focused on trying to understand why people involved in health risk behaviours were not resilient. More recent research has looked at the common qualities amongst those individuals who are able to “bungy jump” through their pitfalls and keep thriving.

By drawing on this international and Australian strengths-based research, clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley has developed a simple and practical research-validated therapeutic model – The Resilience Doughnut, and a tool called the Resilience Report, which provides a snapshot of the specific resilience characteristics of a person and avenues for intervention and ongoing support. Both were developed at The Resilience Centre, Australia and are now being used around the world to build the emotional resilience and wellbeing of children, adolescents and adults.

Over 20 Years of Connecting Strengths

The Resilience Centre in Sydney is the home of The Resilience Doughnut and the Resilience Report. For over the past two decades The Resilience Centre has provided a venue for promoting positive psychology through research, development, training and therapy.

We have a team in the UK and New Zealand as well as practitioners in USA, Canada, China, Ireland, Singapore and Switzerland.

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