Ruth is now based in Orange NSW (formally from Sydney) and is available for to be a speaker locally as well as all across Australia. Ruth works closely with Lyn Worsley on various projects for The Resilience Doughnut and she has a wealth of experience presenting an extensive range of talks, seminars and workshops to parents, students, teachers and practitioners across Australia. Ruth is a popular presenter, facilitator and trainer due to her engaging, relatable and dynamic style of presenting.

Her special topics for presentations are:

  • Building Your Resilience (using the model of ‘The Resilience Doughnut’)
  • Understanding Adolescent Development
  • Raising Kids That Cope Confidently
  • Enhancing Optimistic Thinking
  • Bouncing Forward from Life’s Challenges
  • Succeeding in the HSC and Beyond (For parents of Year 12 Students)
  • I Just Want my Child to be Happy at School! (Transition to School from Primary to High)
  • Positive Psychology for All Schools

In addition to The Resilience Doughnut, Ruth is also an accredited trainer in these programs:

  • 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching (Parenting Strategies with Children 2-12 Years Old)
  • Engaging Adolescents (Parenting Strategies with Adolescents)
  • Resourceful Adolescent Program