Kylie’s focus is in communications and how this affects key attributes such as leadership, team dynamics, relationships and productivity within a team. She is one of our main resilience trainers at The Resilience Centre and she passionate about The Resilience Doughnut model, believing it is a fresh invaluable tool to teach us something new, simple and highly relevant to our everyday relationships, both in work and life, outside of work. Kylie is keen to share this model for teams, schools and businesses to develop overall resilience in any team setting, including schools and businesses. She has has worked extensively with schools (both primary and secondary) facilitating for staff, parent and community members, contributing to a whole school approach.

She believes The Resilience Doughnut is an invaluable support for building personal and professional resilience and as a parent herself, she shares practical strategies to help build strong and resilient children and families. Kylie is also the Lead Trainer with Teamology, a training organisation based in Sydney. Kylie’s previous roles have been as Rehabilitation Manager, managing teams of rehabilitation professionals in Injury Management. Kylie is also the author of The Enlightened Communicator and is a member of ASORC – Member of MBA (Corporate Trainers mentoring program). Kylie is based in South Sydney with her family and she travels locally as well as throughout Australia delivering a variety of training programs to teams, schools, agencies and businesses.