Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use The Resilience Doughnut?

    The Resilience Doughnut is a practical strengths-based tool that has been researched-validated to build the capacity for resilience, mental health and well being in the lives of people experiencing adversity.

  • Who can use The Resilience Doughnut?

    The Resilience Doughnut model can be used in a range of contexts – education and workplaces, for children and adolescents, by parents and families, for seniors and athletes … and more.

  • What is The Resilience Doughnut?

    The Resilience Doughnut is a simple practical tool that is strengths-based and research-validated for building the resilience of children, adolescents and adults world wide.

  • How do you use The Resilience Doughnut?

    The Resilience Doughnut identifies 7 key life areas and determines which three are benefiting the most, combining the three top strengths to both survive and thrive during a time of uncertainty or adversity.

  • How do you become 'A Resilient School' or 'A Resilience Workplace?'

    If your school or workplace has three or more staff complete our licensed training in The Resilience Doughnut model as well as an active ongoing program of delivery, then we acknowledge you to be ‘a resilient organisation’.

  • How old do you need to be to use the Doughnut?

    The Resilience Doughnut is suitable for children as young as 5 years old to adults of any age. We have a model for children and adolescents and then a model for adults and the way you use one is different to the other.

  • Where is The Resilience Doughnut based?

    The home of The Resilience Doughnut is in Epping Sydney Australia and we have partners and trainers in the UK, NZ and increasingly expanding across the world.

  • Who created The Resilience Doughnut

    The Resilience Doughnut was created by Lyn Worsley – Psychologist and Director of The Resilience Centre Sydney with over 20 years of therapy, research and training worldwide.

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