Resilience in Education

Raise the wellbeing, morale and resilience of students, teachers, parents and families.

The Resilience Doughnut school programs encourage the process of building resilience for students, staff and whole school communities.

When resilience develops, each of these groups demonstrate observable characteristics such as grit, social skills and a mindset that is open to change and challenge in the face of difficulties. Our licensed trainers can be booked to deliver workshops and seminars for teachers and parents to help with developing these valuable skills and applying the resilience framework to their every-day lives.

“Through difficulties we are strengthened. Through sadness we learn compassion. Through compassion we connect. When we connect we build our resilience.”

Get all of the tools to build resilience in education

  • Equip your community to understand the process of developing resilience for themselves and students
  • Build the resources in your community to intentionally engage with the school, enriching the longer term connections for your students
  • Help the parents in the school to connect in meaningful and compassionate ways
  • Develop a more connected and supportive school environment
  • Have a language for change and resilience that each of the stakeholders in the school understand
  • Build the strengths of your school and develop more of what is working
  • Have access to an online reporting tool for all students and staff to gather comprehensive and useful data that in itself contributes to the resilience building process
  • Have a longer and more sustainable wellbeing and resilience process in your school

Our licensed trainers can help your whole community

  • Book a short talk or workshop for parents and community members (we have a list of topics that are popular)
  • Book a half or full day workshop for teachers in your school for their professional development (NESA approved)
  • Engage a licensed trainer to deliver programs in your school for students, both during and after school hours
  • Engage our licensed trainers to help with gathering and interpreting data over a longer term to help build on their resilience
  • Have our director of schools come and talk to your executive about our resilience schools programs

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