Resilience is the process of continual development of personal competence, while navigating & negotiating with available resources, in the face of adversity.

Why is Resilience important?



People who have happy and fulfilling lives have positive life skills that help them grow through life’s inevitable challenges, rather than being damaged by them.

How do we build resilience?



  • In schools the Resilience Doughnut encourages staff to use existing strong relationships around each child.
  • With parents, the Resilience Doughnut encourages parents to focus on the interaction of their child’s strengths.
  • In organisations the Resilience Doughnut builds personal and professional resilience to enhance staff well being.

Why measure resilience?

  • the-resilience-report-2To enable students/adults to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and learning about self
  • To promote self discipline/self control
  • To enable students/adults to know what resources they have to build competence to face adversity

How to measure Resilience?

The Resilience Report uses the Resilience Doughnut interactive tool and two validated measures to assist each person to take a snapshot of their own resilience.

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  • A strengths based and practical resource.

  • Identifies and combines strengths to thrive in a modern world.

  • An education model for each school, community and family.

  • Enhances resilience for people not coping with some stages of their life.

What is the Resilience Doughnut?

Logo-The-Resilience-Doughnut-PDFThe Resilience Doughnut is a practical, strengths-based model for developing resilience in children, young people and adults. It identifies and combines strengths needed to thrive in a modern world.

Developed at the Resilience Centre Australia, the model is based on a wide body of international research examining the factors common to children, young people and adults who have shown resilience in the face of adversity. Now a validated measure, the Resilience Doughnut has had considerable success across Australia, and now spreading across Japan, South Africa, Canada and is now making an impact across the UK.

What makes the Resilience Doughnut different?

The Resilience Doughnut:

  • banner-professionalsis a simple, interactive tool that combines the key areas of research over the past decade.
  • is a “process” rather than a program that just teaches resilience.
  • uses the language of optimism
  • promotes developmental changes that occur throughout the school and within the young person, their homes, their communities and over the course of a lifetime.

The Doughnut is based on the premise

“If something is working, do more of it!”

Find your strengths.

A strength is a part of your life that builds you up.

We use a simple scoring method called The Resilience Doughnut to identify your three top strengths.

Find your top three strengths
and ignore the rest!

Combine your strengths.

Once you have found your top three strengths you must organise an activity in your life that involves all three strengths together.

By combining these strengths you create a Doughnut Moment! This is how it works. When the positive things in your life are all working together, it’s easier to deal with the tough stuff.

The Doughnut is based on the premise
“If something is working, do more of it!”

Get started!

To find your strengths right now you can sign up to The Resilience Report.

The Resilience Report uses the Resilience Doughnut  and two validated measures to assist anyone to take a snapshot of their own resilience.

The report costs $6, so ask your parents first!

Read the book!

  • The Resilience Doughnut Adult Book – The Secret of Strong Adults

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  • The Resilience Doughnut Book – The Secret of Strong Kids

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