Resilience Talks for Education

Our licensed trainers can help your whole school community build their resilience.

Our licensed trainers have skills in delivering practically-engaging and thought-provoking workshops that are based on The Resilience Doughnut model.

Contact us if you want to:

  • Showcase grit, determination, develop social skills and compassion
  • Improve the growth mindset and encourage openness to change
  • Be a connected and engaged school community
  • Book a talk or workshop for teachers, students, parents and/or whole school community members (we have a list of topics that are popular)
  • Find opportunities during difficulties with a solution focused approach to managing conflict
  • Engage a licenced trainer to deliver programs in your school for students, both during and after school hours
  • Engage our licenced trainers to help with gathering and interpreting data over a longer term to help build their resilience

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