School Licensed Training

Our accredited training equips you with the knowledge, skills and resources to fully implement The Resilience Doughnut model in your school, college, university or agency.

Oversee programs within the school and facilitate workshops for the resilience of staff, students and parents.

When you become trained in The Resilience Doughnut model, your licensed trainers then become part of the growing community of resilience trainers world wide. As Level 1 trainers, they can oversee programs within the school, facilitate workshops for staff, students and parents as well as gathering the resilience report data for the school.

School communities have the potential to connect adults of all ages and stages to children and adolescents as they all develop resilient pathways. Therefore it is ideal to train staff or parents within the school to oversee and deliver The Resilience Doughnut programs. The programs then become adaptable and sustainable and for each unique school environment.

The Resilience Doughnut accredited training seeks to equip the staff and students to implement their own process, while connecting people together in the community. The licensing process involves the equivalent of three days training (delivered both online and face to face) and equips staff with resources to deliver workshops to both students and staff.

It is ideal to train a group of staff to form a well being and resilience team within a whole school community, which helps to gather momentum, energy and sustainability into the future.

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Upcoming Training

Contact us if you'd like to...

  • Deliver programs and facilitate workshops through out the whole school community
  • Gather data and interpret the results of the Resilience Report
  • Create and facilitate programs specifically designed for your school using The Resilience Doughnut model and Resilience Report measures.
  • Equip your community to understand the process of developing resilience for themselves and their young people
  • Build the resources in your community to intentionally engage with the school, enriching the longer term connections for your students
  • Help parents in the school to connect in meaningful and compassionate ways

Develop a better connected school environment

  • Develop a more connected and supportive school environment
  • Build the strengths of your school and develop more of what is already working
  • Have a language for change and resilience that each of the stakeholders in the school understands
  • Have access to an online reporting tool for all students and staff to gather comprehensive data that contributes to the resilience building process
  • Have a more sustainable wellbeing and resilience process in your school
  • Train in advanced resilience program skills for students experiencing difficulties

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