Whole Organisation Approach

Whole organisations that use The Resilience Doughnut model implement a strengths-based and solution-focused approach to their strategies, processes and interactions at a grass roots level.

Coaching and mentoring with a master trainer helps staff to stay on track and enable stakeholders to benefit over the longer term.

When a whole organisation has a number of licenced facilitators, a plan for implementing The Resilience Doughnut model and a process for feedback and training, staff are then empowered and upskilled. As a result, children and adolescents are given the agency to grow and develop.

Contact us if you want:

  • Our Director to come and talk to your team about a whole agency or organisational approach
  • To have a comprehensive wellbeing and resilience program throughout the organisation that is sustainable and tailored to your community
  • To gather longitudinal data on the process of building resilience and wellbeing in your patients and clients
  • To help adolescents to be equipped with the skills they need to connect and support with others who will help them continue to build resilience
  • To become an organisation that is part of a global network of The Resilience Doughnut model licenced facilitators
  • To create a mentally healthy organisation for your staff and clients
  • A longer term management plan to implement mental health programs into the organisation

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