ONLINE 2 WEEK COURSE – Courageous Communication In Relationships

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The Courageous Communication in Relationships covers two weeks of strength based and practical insights into communicating with partners, families and colleagues. At the end of the course, participants will have new learnings, practical strategies and resources to make decisions that build communication with others both personally
and professionally.

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The course will be facilitated by Kylie Warry, Speaker, Author and Lead Trainer

Communication is key for healthy relationships

The course will explore

Week 1
People have a Consistent Communication Style
Understanding People
Understanding your Communication DNA
Understanding Different Communication Styles
Understanding Yourself
Understanding Others
Week 2
Communicating Intentionally
Communicating Exceptionally
Identifying your Communication Stress Response
Managing your Stress and responses
Exceptional Communication that builds strength and confidence with others

Your Facilitator 

Kylie-WarryKylie Warry lives in Sydney and travels throughout Australia delivering a variety of training programs to business organisations and schools, as well as facilitating parent, staff and community workshops.
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$90 plus gst

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All course materials and handouts are available in the training.


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