Professional Resilience Development in Sport

Professional development training works to build the resilience of athletes so they can perform their best under pressure.

Raise the well being, morale and resilience of athletes so they can play in a positive sporting environment.

When the tool is applied to an individual in the context of sport, it connects their top three strengths to thrive in the face of pressure that comes with the territory of playing sport professionally. Training is practical and interactive, so coaches and clubs learn skills that are sustainable.

Contact us if you want to:

  • Book a half or full day workshop for the professional development of coaches and staff
  • Introduce whole team culture to the language of resilience
  • Build the resilience of your club by encouraging a supportive and connected team
  • Book twilight session’s or brief workshops for families of athletes who want to know how to support them
  • Develop your staff in a solution focused approach to individual wellbeing


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