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'The Resilience Doughnut' is thrilled to be accepted for a tender with the NSW Department of Education to be one of the main 'resilience' trainers for all state wide schools! We are proud to be a 'quality assured' external program for the NSW DoE and we are excited to build student resilience across the state during 2023! Enquire about all your resilience training hopes!

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Our licensed trainers are experienced and skilled in delivering practically-engaging and thought-provoking talks and workshops to build resilience in your school or workplace.

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Benefit from learning how to steer conversations away from problems and towards a solution with clients or students using a 'Solution Focused Approach'.
About Us

Combining Strengths To Thrive

The Resilience Doughnut helps children, adolescents and adults to identify and combine their strengths to build resilience. It enables individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and build competence to face adversity and deal with times of rapid change. With its focus on strengths and encouragement to do more of “what’s working”, The Resilience Doughnut can promote a process of developmental change throughout an organisation, within individuals, their families and communities.

Our Clients Include ...

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