Mothering Daughters

Mothering daughters: one minute she is playing dress-ups in your clothes, a few years later you are arguing over her clothes.

Mother/daughter relationships often swing from a close and loving sisterhood to a daily battleground, clinical psychologist Lyn Worsley says.

Lyn Worsley was interviewed for this article that featured in the Herald Sun newspaper.  

“You are not alone if you find yourself fighting with your daughter,” Worsley says.

“And most gaps in mother/daughter relationships close as the child grows older and the daughters often say they can see their mothers in themselves as they enter adulthood.”

Melbourne psychotherapist and family counsellor Tahlia Mandie says the bond between mother and daughter is truly unique.

“To lots of little girls there is nothing more exciting than playing in mum’s high-heel shoes, smearing on lipstick and wanting to look just like mummy,” Mandie says.

Here are some ups and downs mums of daughters can face in their relationship:
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