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Lyn will be a keynote speaker at the Leaders To Go conference


Conference Details:

2.30pm Tuesday 11th June – 1.30pm Friday 14th June 201

Stanwell Tops

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Lyn’s Keynote:

In our current western civilisation, children and families are bombarded with a myriad of choices which can both enhance and hinder moral and social development. However, children and families who exhibit resilience appear to have a different approach to their decision making, leading to more connected and socially savvy lives.


Resilience is a process, which involves navigating and negotiating with the resources and influences around you. Church communities are places that are rich in resources for children and families and there is evidence suggesting that children raised in church communities have higher resiliency skills than most.


With the increasing awareness of mental illness and abuse, families can have a fearful and overprotective response leading to distrust and hesitancy around engagement with communities resulting in a detrimental effect on building resilience.


Lyn’s keynote will:

  • investigate the tensions around the issues associated with pastoring children and families in building resilience and social engagement within church communities
  • present the Resilience Doughnut model and it’s vast applications in community settings and the development of compassion and empathy
  • explore creative ways to foster resilience through programs, conversations and relationships
  • Consider the practical application of the Resilience Doughnut model
  • Give listeners the opportunity to practice applying the model to their unique contexts and communities
  • Encourage conversations that build on strengths and optimism within the communities