Christina O’Connell is from the Northern beaches area of Sydney, Australia and now living in Bangkok.

Christina is a Psychologist and has completed a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology at the University of Western Sydney. She grew up in Asia and went to international schools, providing her with a culturally diverse perspective in her practice of psychology. Christina has experience counselling child and adolescent clients in both school-based and clinical settings.

She has a passion for helping children and adolescents achieve their full potential both interpersonally and within themselves.

Christina worked with Lyn Worsley at the Resilience Centre in Epping, and has received comprehensive training with Lyn in the use of the Resilience Doughnut.

Having recently moved to Bangkok, Christina is available for facilitating community, parent and staff workshops  on the Resilience Doughnut model and her resilience strategies enable youth and adults to build strengths to survive and thrive.