So what is the Resilience Doughnut?

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People are often intrigued by the title “The Resilience Doughnut”. Browse these video clips to see an explanation of the Resilience Doughnut model and how it builds resilience in young people and adults – in the home, in schools, in welfare agencies, communities and organisations.

Introduction to The Resilience Doughnut

Where to get started

Can the Resilience Doughnut be used by parents and teachers?

What are Coordinators and Accredited Trainers.

Why is resilience so important in the lives of young people?

Why do some people cope better than others?

What is The Resilience Doughnut?

Where did your interest in resilience develop?

Has the need for resilience in young people changed over the years?

How does the Resilience Doughnut help to build resilience?

Is the Resilience Doughnut ‘The Answer’ to building resilience?

How does a parent use The Resilience Doughnut to build resilience in their child?

Is it possible for young people to build up their own resilience?

Building resilience in schools.

How do I bring The Resilience Doughnut into my school?

How do I link in parents in a high school situation?

Will The Resilience Doughnut compliment other resilience building programmes?

Stephanie Schwartz on presenting at Families In Global Transition

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