Resilience is at the heart of adult wellbeing, success and long term mental health, as they navigate their way through periods of transition and adversity that life brings.

The Resilience Doughnut provides a practical research-validated, therapeutic model and framework for building the emotional resilience and wellbeing of adults across a range of settings

All adults would benefit from The Resilience Doughnut but you will find it particularly useful for supporting adults who are experiencing a range of challenges and life transitions including, but not limited to:​

  • Moving / living away from home
  • Starting at university
  • ‘Empty nest’
  • Illness
  • Recovery
  • End of life
  • Bereavement
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Addiction and dependency
  • Learning difficulties
  • Physical disability
  • Starting a family
  • Maternity leave
  • Career break / change
  • Redundancy
  • Sensory impairment
  • Acquired Brain Injury
  • Caring
  • Retirement
  • Families of service personnel
  • Relationship or family breakdown
  • Relocation and cultural transition
  • Long term unemployment

Who is this section for:

  • Education and Training providers
  • Health educators
  • School Executive teams
  • Community workers
  • Therapy and Counselling providers
  • Employability Services
  • Armed Forces and Services
  • Sports Organisations
  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Local Government
  • Volunteering Services
  • Corporate Leadership teams

You can use this training:

With adults in team training or with individuals in 1:1 settings.

  • To enhance the emotional resilience of all adults, to enable them to better manage the challenges of daily life
  • To build the emotional resilience of adults during or after a period of personal challenge, adversity, trauma, transition or loss
  • To build the emotional resilience of adults before, during or after a period of new transition in life
  • To foster resilient and positive communities with the capacity to grow and flourish

All training workshops and presentations are endorsed with NESA and APS and provide Professional Development ours for you and your staff.

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Staff Workshops and training

Workshops and training for all your staff, smaller teams or individuals with a focus on their own emotional resilience.

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Resilience Report

Our powerful Online tools incorporates three validated measures including the Resilience Doughnut for a data driven informed approach.

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Staff training

Training for current or aspiring leaders or managers with a solution focused approach on building an emotionally resilient workforce.

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Facilitator training

Training to be an Accredited Facilitator with a focus on staff resilience. Option for training & coaching available for Facilitators.

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