The Resilience Doughnut model provides a practical process for organisations seeking team building processes to help staff with stress, pressure or challenging agendas in the workplace.

Outcome: Leaders, Teams, and Organisational Growth to connect, succeed and thrive – with validated measures.

  • Personal & professional resilience for large teams
  • Bespoke workshop modules
  • One to one coaching and mentoring

Workplace Wellbeing – It Makes Business Sense

Every organisation  is affected by mental distress and ill health in the workforce. At any one time one worker in six will be experiencing depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress. 91 million days are lost each year due to mental health problems. The total cost to employers is estimated at nearly $26 billion each year.  Simple steps to improve the management of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace should enable employers to save at least $8 billion a year from these costs. Discover how our practical, research-validated tool can support you, your staff and your business.

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Personal & professional resilience for large teams

Tailored workshop modules

One to one coaching and mentoring


Increasing Capacity

Initial training provided by Resilience Trainers to develop personal and professional capabilities and resilience

Accredited Trainers and Psychologists train staff in tailored workshops to address the needs of your staff and workplace

Personalised training for leaders on emerging issues and risk management planning with organisational trainers/psychologists.


Perfecting the skills

Staff workshops develop new skills and strategies – onsite and face to face delivery

Specific modules to embed understanding and skills – onsite, face to face or online delivery

Coaching on vision, solution focussed skills, conflict management, feedback on application, goal setting and personal resilience


Feedback using validated measures

Individuals apply the Resilience Report  to promote and measure resilience and wellbeing

Teams use the Resilience Report to monitor personal resilience and wellbeing

Individuals use the Resilience Report data for tracking ongoing resilience and future planning


Growth Impact

Staff apply new strategies across work contexts for immediate and future impact

Team mentoring, workplace coaching and specific interventions

Data support Leaders with whole organisational resilience to enable collaboration and growth

Personal and Professional Resilience for Large Teams

Resilience in the Workplace

From Surviving to Thriving

Enhancing Resilience During Times of Change

Building Personal and Professional Resilience

Leading for Integrity

The challenge of developing leaders in a future generation

Personal and Professional Resilience

Coping with major organisational change

Bouncing Forward From Life’s Challenges

Strategies for growing through adversity in the work setting and/or personal life

In Pursuit of Happiness

Common characteristics of happy and resilient people

Work / Life Balance

The Art of being Resilient and Weathering the Storm

Tailored Workshop Modules

These programmes are designed to address common workplace issues, and can be customised to your specific needs.


Steering Change

Managing the change process in organisations

Good Vibrations

Empathy and compassion in the business world


Developing Resilience

Combining strengths to thrive

Rewarding Reviews

The ‘no blame’ approach to problem solving


Collective Respect

Managing and eliminating unacceptable behaviour

Fruitful Communication

A toolkit for having difficult conversations

One to One Coaching and Mentoring

One to One

Personalised training for individual leaders on emerging issues


Coaching on solution focussed skills


Mentoring for goal setting and personal resilience strategies

Developing strategies for leaders

“The Resilience Doughnut is a simple way to structure discussions with colleagues to see how future decisions will impact on their own resilience.” – Corporate Manager