When all stakeholders in the school community take the same approach, the same message – providing a school community to foster resilient students – changes are measured and the system is sustained.

Outcome: Resilient staff, students and parents to connect, succeed and thrive – with validated measures

Our Positive Schools Programme provides a two year whole- school programme of training, development, delivery and evaluation for schools to fully embed this approach and raise the wellbeing and resilience of staff, students and community. The programme impacts on the whole school learning community in which everyone takes the same approach and the same message – providing a school community able to foster resilient students.

Most schools have aspects of resiliency in their school plan in order to develop students to be well balanced, resilient and prepared for life beyond the school environment.

The Positive Schools Programme is a multilevel approach of promoting resilience and a positive school climate, which can be implemented into the whole school community, particularly in times of change. Schools with a positive climate, practice a whole-school approach to the development of wellbeing and resilience, which involves every teacher and every student in their natural interactions each day.

Positive psychology in schools is gaining popularity as a means to achieving student wellbeing and subsequent engagement in learning.

The Resilience Report provides a snapshot of the specific resilience characteristics of young people and adults and provides avenues for intervention and on going support. Details of the Resilience Report are HERE.

Guidelines for program implementation:

  1. Staff training workshops
  2. Whole school staff development days
  3. Staff Modules (in school or online delivery)
  4. Parent/Carer workshops (concurrently with staff workshops)
  5. Parent/Carer modules (individual or group online delivery)
  6. Student lessons (school-based)

Contact us now to discuss the Positive Schools Programme for your school training@theresiliencecentre.com.au