The Resilience Doughnut is a simple and practical tool which can be used to support the development of resilience in young people and adults and is an effective tool for carers and agency personnel working with vulnerable young people at risk.

The team at the Resilience Centre has delivered programs and targeted interventions over the past 19 years and provide a variety of skill based training opportunities for key stakeholders in Child and Adolescent wellbeing and mental health.

Our professionally endorsed accredited trainers and facilitators from the Resilience Centre have taught and trained practitioners, carers, managers, volunteer workers and parents around Australia and overseas.

Contact or phone 0413 890 985 to discuss your training and development needs


Contact  to discuss the Resilience Report measurement and evaluation tool to assist your strategic planning needs.

We provide

  • Half or full day Staff sessions with Lyn or our professionally endorsed facilitators
  • Whole agency staff development days or workshops
  • Staff training modules – in local settings or via Online delivery
  • Parent carer modules (on line or face to face)
  • Student sessions
  • Intervention programs

Flexible options

We offer a range of training options to suit individual needs and local circumstances.

Accredited Training for welfare workers and volunteers

Our Accredited Training and intervention courses are held in The Resilience Centre, Epping, NSW.

Training can also be facilitated in your local area, or as tailored Online training to suit your agency or workplace needs.

The 2 day face to face (or On Line) Accredited Training – train the trainer – workshop and also the Resilience Report measurement and tracking tool, provides a sustainable model for agencies seeking a cost effective and sustainable model of delivery over time.

Click here for details of our Resilience Doughnut Child and Adolescent training opportunities