What is Connect 3 and Link3d Up?


Connect-3 is an innovative 5 week group program for building resilience in 8 to 12 year olds. Children learn about personal strengths, resilient thinking skills and connecting with others. It aims to improve confidence and social skills, is solution focused and works to improve mental resilience so kids can cope in challenging situations.


Link3d Up is a 5 week program for adolescents 13 – 16 years, that will teach resilience skills vital for negotiating the teenage years.
Link3d Up is based around the Resilience Doughnut model and will teach young people how to find their strengths, apply optimistic thinking patterns for problem solving, develop positive and resilient connections with others, and negotiate changes in life when strengths are challenged.


The Connect 3 and Link3d Up programs are particularly helpful for young people who have  anxiety, signs of depression or are experiencing social difficulties and an inability to read the social scanning signals of group interaction with their peers.



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Intervention Training – BRIGHT THINKING

This training is for educators and carers working with young people and teenagers.


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Resilience Doughnut Intervention Programs

Intervention Training Day – Bright Thinking – 1 August – Epping

Training Day (4 hours)
This course will be held at The Resilience Centre,

Epping NSW

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Raising Resilient Children – For Professionals – 1 August – Epping

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Connect 3 Resilience Building Program for Children

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Link3d Up Program for Adolescents

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Supporting children in Blacktown – Term 2 and Term 3

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Group Training Program – Connect 3 & Link3d Up Resilience Workshops

pupil-wellbeing-image-01Training is available for participants who have completed the Resilience Doughnut Child and Adolescent Accredited Training and would like to facilitate the Connect 3 and Link3d Up resilience building programs for children and teenagers in their local workplace.




Details of the NESA training workshop for our Group Training Intervention program are here