Connect-3 is an innovative 5 week group program for building resilience in 8 to 12 year olds using the Resilience Doughnut. Children learn about personal strengths, resilient thinking skills and connecting with others. It aims to improve confidence and social skills, is solution focused and works to improve mental resilience so kids can cope in challenging situations.

Link3d Up is a 5 week program for adolescents 13 – 16 years, that will teach resilience skills vital for negotiating the teenage years.

Link3d Up is based around the Resilience Doughnut model and will teach young people how to find their strengths, apply optimistic thinking patterns for problem solving, develop positive and resilient connections with others, and negotiate changes in life when strengths are challenged.

Bright Thinking is suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years olds with low confidence, self esteem and anxiety. A solution-focused approach works to improve the child’s resilience so that they feel better able to cope in all situations, especially those that may be potentially challenging to the child. The benefit of a group programme is that it facilitates skill developments within a social context, and provides opportunities for skill rehearsal, maximising the chances of the child using these new skills in a wider range of life experiences.

The Raising Resilient Children is a 4 week course for parents and carers wishing to gain a strengths based and practical insight into raising resilient kids from birth to the teen years. The course provides parents with a foundation on which to make decisions that build resilience both with their kids and themselves personally.


Become a Group Facilitator!

  • Facilitator Training – Raising Resilient Children

    $200.00 AUD +GST
  • Group Facilitator Training – Bright Thinking Program

    $330.00 AUD +GST
  • Facilitator Training – The Connect 3 & Link3d Up Programs

    $330.00 AUD +GST