Resilience and Optimistic and Pessimistic Thinking (2 hours)


Product Description

Optimism is not the same as being happy all the time, nor is it denial of the problem. Rather it is a way of thinking and speaking that enables us to experience problems and hardship as manageable rather than overwhelming. Martin Seligman coined the phrase “learned helplessness” when an individual has repeated failure resulting in a pessimistic thinking style. Optimistic people, have stronger relationships and experience greater satisfaction in their relationships and work. The thinking style of an optimistic person has particular characteristics and are able to be practiced and applied to those who are more pessimistic in nature.

This workshop focuses on the application of optimism in everyday circumstances. You will gain some practical tools and reflection questions that can be use when facing challenges, to help stimulate hope, possibilities and action, rather than discouragement and inertia. This workshop will illustrate how solution focussed and strength based approaches help to enhance optimism. The outcome of this module is for staff to engage optimistically with their family, friends and work colleagues and students. (E = Engaged).