Special Needs Conference – Grace Hotel, Sydney – March 2018

Product Description

Lyn Worsley is one of the presenters at the Special Needs Conference in March 2018.

Lyn will be facilitating on Mon 26 March  at 11:30pm – 2:00pm: Workshop B

With the prevalence of emotional trauma increasingly prevalent within schools,  teachers need to know methodology on how to teach their students coping schools. This workshop run by the Resilience Centre will skill you in the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ methodology, and equip you to handle your student’s pain with delicacy and effectiveness

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the evidence behind positive Psychology
  • Learn from case studies on how the ‘Resilience Doughnut’ has transformed school processes and approaches
  • Understand practical strategies for teaching your students resilience and empowering them to give their best
  • Gain access to training and the Resilience Report to track your student’s emotional progress

More details and Conference information will be available soon.