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Lyn will be speaking about vicarious trauma at the NSW Palliative Care Volunteer Conference.


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Monday 3rd  June – Tuesday 4th June, 2019


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Protective Mechanisms against vicarious Trauma

Lyn Worsley

Clinical Psychologist


Palliative care volunteers are exposed to the privileges of sitting with people as they consider the value of life, assessing beliefs, and wrestling with letting go. This can have a profound effect on the volunteer as they also consider their own life’s journey. Many people see palliative carers as a “special breed” however most are people with their own lived experience and / or a compassionate call for nurturing others.

Vicarious trauma is sometimes experienced by volunteers and can have the same effect on a volunteer as if they themselves were living through the trauma. From research it appears that there are some safeguards to help volunteers to prevent the risk of a traumatic response. From studying those who appear to flourish and thrive in their voluntary roles, it appears there are a number of factors that help build the resilience of front line carers.



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