Accredited Training – Adult – ONLINE – JULY 2018

$1,275.00 AUD +GST

20 hours over 6 weeks
This is an ONLINE Course

Product Description

 On completion practitioners will gain a greater depth of understanding in the Resilience Doughnut model and will be equipped with the skills and resources to implement the Resilience Doughnut in their school, organisation, or counselling practice.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.06.44 PMCompleting the Adult Training will contribute 26 hours  of QTC Registered PD addressing 3.7.4; 7.1.4; 7.2.4 and 7.3.4 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Lead Teacher Accreditation in NSW. 

(Stage 1 contributes 20 hours of NESA endorsed training and Stage 2 (Application Day) contributes 6 hours of NESA endorsed training)

This 6 week accredited training with Lyn Worsley will equip you with the skills and resources to fully implement the Resilience Doughnut in your organisation and workplace.

banner-8 Our Level 1 Training is composed of two compulsory stages as follows:

  • Stage 1 : 20 hours online training.

  • Stage 2 Application: 1 day face-to-face or Online training.


teacherThis Accredited (ADULT) Training will provide a workshop for practitioners and professionals who wish to gain a greater depth of understanding of the Resilience Doughnut model for adults and how to use it in a range of settings.

The training occurs over a 6 week period and takes 20 hours of interaction with course materials, web conferences, discussions and reflection exercises.


Our Level 1 Training (Adult) will enable you to:

Lead the Resilience Doughnut implementation and fully embed the model into existing good practice within your organisation.

  • Lead the delivery of the Resilience Doughnut with adults in a range of settings.

  • Confidently present information and training sessions to colleagues, providing additional training, resources and support.

What does the training cover?

  • Australian and overseas research in resilience in adults, the Resilience Doughnut model and how to teach the model to others.
  • Training in the transitional stages of adult life and its influence on relationships and coping with change.
  • Training in optimistic thinking and its impact on our own personal and professional resilience and interactions in the home and workplace.
  • Developing processes to help adults cope with stress, pressure or challenging agendas in the workplace.
  • Training in how the Resilience Doughnut model can be used to build a culture of personal and professional resilience and assist staff ‘bounce forward’ from life’s challenges.

The Stage 1 training will focus on:

  • Research into adult resilience
  • The Resilience Doughnut adult model
  • Case studies
  • Transitional stages and resilience
  • Relationships
  • Ageing v/s relationships
  • Conflict
  • Personal and professional resilience in the workplace
  • Bouncing forward from life’s challenges
  • Feedback from the Resilience Doughnut research data

The Stage 2 training will focus on:

  • Resilience Report – Setup Training

  • Resilience Report – Group Manager Basic Account.

  • Online access to free downloadable resources.

Training materials:

banner-10The training also includes a Level 1 Trainer Pack containing : large floor model; set of workbooks and discussion cards, training cards and cut-out cards; a copy of The Resilience Doughnut – The Secret of Strong Adults.


What else do you get?

  • the-resilience-report-2Application using case studies: how to apply as an intervention in your context.

Data informed strategy evaluation and the continuous improvement process in wellbeing and resilience.

Planning your Resilience Doughnut Strategy.

Developing an  adult wellbeing plan for your business / workplace


This tailored training will commence on  Monday 2 July to Friday, 10 August with follow up Application Day (date TBC).

Contact for further details.


COST: The cost is $1,275 AUD (+ GST)

The training also includes powerpoint presentations for participants to teach the Resilience Doughnut model to adults, plus the copyright licence to use all our materials for free.

We think that’s pretty good value!


ATA-July-2018-Online.pdf 146 KB


The training will assume that participants are familiar with the Resilience Doughnut model. All attendees at the Accredited Training are required to:

have attended a session on the Resilience Doughnut at a conference or workshop

have read Lyn Worsley’s book “The Resilience Doughnut: The Secret of Strong Adults“.

You can obtain a copy of The Resilience Doughnut: The Secret of Strong Adults via the following e book links Amazon Kindle; Barnes & Noble Nook; iTunes

Attendees are requested to sign a Participants Training Agreement acknowledging Lyn Worsley’s intellectual property rights for materials provided.

PLEASE NOTE that all attendees at the Accredited Training are required to have read Lyn Worsley’s book “The Resilience Doughnut: The Secret of Strong Adults”.

Participants will be requested to sign a Training Services Agreement at the conclusion of the training. This agreement acknowledges that participants will respect the intellectual property rights of Lyn Worsley and the Resilience Doughnut.

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