Lyn Worsley

Lyn is a Clinical Psychologist with a diverse background in nursing and teaching.

She is the director of both;

  • The Resilience Centre in Epping, an innovative private psychology service, with over 14 registered, clinical and intern Psychologists, with links to a number of universities for the Clinical Registrar program.
  • The Resilience Doughnut, a professional training and development organisation, which has over 55 registered trainers in the resiliency framework across the UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada and South Africa.

Both organisations combine to provide successful, evidence based, solution focussed approaches to client change for over 20 years working with Individuals, Families, Schools, Communities and corporate organisations.

Lyn’s passion for working with people in their own context is evident both in her educational choices and her work experience. As a Clinical Psychologist and as a pragmatic and down to earth registered nurse, her interest is focused on the process of change, and how to tailor interventions and programs for each individual using their best and most useful resources.

Lyn developed the Resilience Doughnut which is an ecological model showing the strong contexts where resilience is enhanced, both during development and throughout adulthood. The Resilience Doughnut has become a foundational ecological model of resilience used internationally by professionals working with children and youth. The work of the Resilience Doughnut in schools,  builds student and staff awareness of the coping resources available to enhance a whole school culture of resilience.

The Resilience Doughnut model applied to adults is used in corporate, educational, health and welfare settings, building on the personal and professional resilience of staff resulting in a more positive and collaborative workplace culture.
Using the model, Lyn leads a collaborative team of Clinical, Registered and Student Psychologists at the Resilience Centre in Sydney with evidence of exceptional outcomes in client change from individual and group therapies.

Professional Associations

Honorary Associate with Australian Catholic University
Honorary Associate with Macquarie University
Secretary of the Australian Association of Solution focused Brief therapy
Member of The Australian Psychological Society ( 2000-2017)
National convener of the Child and Adolescent Interest group for the Australian Psychology Society (2004-2009)
Member of International Positive Psychology association
Senior supervisor Clinical Masters of Psychology, registrar and internships.

Public Speaking & Events

Being at the forefront of the Clinical / Positive Psychology industry, Lyn’s depth of understanding and experience see’s her as a regular invite to the most prominent and awarded events throughout the world.
Some of her notable appearances include:

Conference presentations*:

IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association conference) 2015
Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) 2014, 2016
Australian Psychology Congress 2016
ARACY 2013
Attendant care industry 2016
Learning Differences conference Sydney 2016
ARACY Linked up for Kids conference. 2014
Working on What Works conference Auckland NZ, 2016,
Positive Schools conference 2016 (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne)
International Resilience conference Canada 2011, 2013, 2015
World Congress on Positive Psychology 2015
Bully conference 2014
CAPS conference 2010
MHA conference 2010
P and F conference 2011
NSW parliament house 2011
ACU Leadership conference 2010
Australasian Association of Solution focused Brief Therapy, 2012, 2014

*Note: only the presentations since 2010 have been listed

The Resilience Centre

Lyn has been the director of The Resilience Centre, a private psychology practice, for 20 years in the northern suburbs of Sydney NSW. The Centre provides individual and family therapy as well as positive life changing courses, groups, seminars and workshops. All courses promote positive psychology with an aim of increasing hope, enabling change and building strong connections.

At the Resilience Centre, Lyn supervises specialist psychologists and coordinates community seminars, training workshops, and resilience groups for people of all ages.

To accommodate the growing awareness of including families and communities in the care of people, The Resilience Centre opened an eating disorders clinic in 2014, using a family intervention model for effective change with young adolescents, and a family support clinic in 2016, using best case thinking to support families in the process of separating.

Further initiatives in the Resilience Centre is a stepped model of care where people can come in at any stage of their healing process to gather help. By providing self help services, with groups and seminars, as well as individual therapy, and intensive support, clients can move through the process as they change their needs.

Lyn’s practice model at the Resilience Centre has been an exemplary model of service for many new practices over the last 2 decades.

See for more information.

The Resilience Doughnut

The Resilience Doughnut is a practical, strengths-based model for developing resilience in children, young people and adults. It identifies and combines strengths needed to thrive in a modern world.

Developed by Lyn in 2003, the model is based on a wide body of international research examining the factors common to children, young people and adults who have shown resilience in the face of adversity.

The Resilience Doughnut now hosts on line and face to face training for many professionals working with children, families and adults. There are over 55 level 2 trained professionals who are able to deliver the Resilience Doughnut across the globe.

See for more information

The Resilience Report

The Resilience Report, as an on-line well-being tool, using validated psychometric measures to gather valuable information on a young person’s resilience.

Lyn and the Resilience Doughnut team developed the report in consultation with teachers and students involved with implementing The Resilience Doughnut into their schools. From the data generated by the report, students, teachers and parents are able to track their own resilience.

Lyn works with MA students across local universities and Prof Odin Hjemdal from Trondheim University, Norway to continue to develop an effective tool to measure the process of building strong connections.

To find out more, visit


Lyn Worsley has been asked to present on radio, TV and local news reports in order to help educate, train and develop resilience in people of all ages.

Some of her appearances include:

  • Channel 7 Sunrise (morning show)
  • Regular Radio spot Hope 103.2  “The Human Condition”
  • Radio interviews and Magazine interviews on Resilience in children and families. Exploring Teens, Sydney’s Child, SMH, Local papers

Lyn has initiated The Resilience Centre’s radio podcast which explores the issues, characters and quirks that make us human and how we can have a rich, meaningful and resilient life. More on this topic can be found here: The Human Condition

The blog provides a huge range of up-to-date, interesting & educational topics from personalities, parenting, mindset, sleep, gambling, business, success and more.


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Worsley, L. (2017). Scale development and Psychometric qualities of the Resilience Doughnut Tool. A valid, solution focused and ecological measure of resilience with Australian adolescents. Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, 3 (IN PRESS).

Professional development for the following schools

  1. Crestwood High school
  2. Hurstville Boys High School
  3. Oakhill College
  4. Mount St Benedict
  5. Epping boys High School
  6. Muirfield High School
  7. Geelong sacred heart
  8. Oatley
  9. Dale
  10. St Ives High school
  11. Lavington East
  12. Penshurst
  13. Pymble Ladies College
  14. Doonside Technology HS
  15. Georges River College
  16. William Clarke
  17. Rivendell
  18. Ravenswood
  19. St Luke’s Anglican college
  20. Greystanes High School
  21. Northern Beaches Secondary college
  22. Excelsior Primary School
  23. West Coast Primary Behaviour Centre
  24. Cuambine Catholic Primary school
  25. St Dominic’s College
  26. Nowra Public School
  27. Wingham Public School
  28. Kingsgrove North High school
  29. Blairmount Public School
  30. Parry School
  31. Plunket St Public School
  32. Kegworth Public School
  33. Catholic schools office
  34. Ryde East Public school
  35. St Gerard’s primary school
  36. St Andrews Cathedral School
  37. Claremont college
  38. St Josephs Catholic School Oberon
  39. William Angles Institute
  40. Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic school
  41. Banora Point High school
  42. Denistone East Public school
  43. Lithgow High school
  44. St Johns Primary school Dubbo
  45. Goolma Public School
  46. St Mary’s Central School
  47. Cooerwull Public School
  48. Red Bend College
  49. Kiewa Valley Primary School Victoria
  50. Hill End Public School
  51. Catholic Ladies College
  52. Santa Sabina College
  53. Arndell Anglican College
  54. St Marks Catholic school
  55. Picton High School
  56. Sacred Heart Mona Vale
  57. Catholic Education office Bathurst
  58. Rouse Hill High School
  59. Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children
  60. Albany Rise Primary school
  61. Girraween High school
  62. Belmay Primary School
  63. St marks
  64. Crossroads West
  65. St Patricks college
  66. CBHS Lewisham
  67. Arthur Phillip High school
  68. Winmalee High School
  69. Barellan Central School
  70. Queanbeyan Distance Education
  71. Melrose Park Public school
  72. Central coast Grammar
  73. St Clare High School
  74. St Ives HS
  75. Rivendell
  76. Northern Beaches secondary college
  77. Cherrybrook Technology High school