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Group Training Program - Connect 3 & Link3d Up Resilience Workshops - Sydney - Wed 9 March, 2016Now endorsed by BOSTES - The Resilience Doughnut Group Training Course will contribute 7 hours of QTC registered PD addressing Standard Descriptors 3.6.2; 4.1.2; 6.2.2; 6.3.2; 6.4.2; 7.3.2.

During the 7 hour course, teachers will:

 Learn how to implement the two current programs, Connect 3 (primary) and Linked Up Group (secondary) as a creative strategy to support students identified at risk or with specific needs. The program delivers to students the specific skills over a 6 week period to build resilience, support behaviour management priorities and enhance their learning outcomes.

 Review current teaching strategies in dealing with young people in the middle years who struggle to cope with developmental challenges, peer group and social complexities of their life.  Gain the specific training, skills and resources to teach the group skills programs to target groups in primary school and high school students.

 Engage in discussions with course participants to provide contextual feedback on additional programs, teaching strategies and learning goals for the middle years students with challenging issues in their school communities.

Our Connect 3 and Link3d Up Group Training workshop in Sydney will be Wednesday 18th November at the Resilience Centre, 48 Oxford St, Epping, NSW.

If you have completed the Resilience Doughnut Accredited Training and would like to run the Connect 3 and Link3d Up resilience building programs for children and teenagers, this one day training workshop will allow you to advertise and facilitate the program in your local community.

Impacting the whole school learning community

Outcome: Resilient staff, students and parents to connect, succeed and thrive - with validated measures

Download the Flyer

You can now download our recently published article on Building Resilience in Three Australian High Schools

Published by Springer publications.

Download the article
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