The Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience DoughnutThe Resilience Doughnut

Impacting the whole school learning community

Outcome: Resilient staff, students and parents to connect, succeed and thrive - with validated measures

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Impacting the whole workplace community

Outcome: Leaders, Teams, and Organisational Growth to connect, succeed and thrive - with validated measures

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You can now download our recently published article on Building Resilience in Three Australian High Schools

Published by Springer publications.

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Lyn Worsley - Author of The Resilience Doughnut

Lyn Worsley is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in nursing, youth work, early childhood and tertiary education teaching. Lyn has experience working in prisons, hospitals and schools, and with young people on the streets. Her passion for working with young people and their families is evident both in her educational choices and her work experience.

In her book “The Resilience Doughnut: The Secret of Strong Kids,” Lyn’s insight into the development of resilience has a refreshing, multidisciplinary approach which has long been missing in past resilience research. 

Lyn brings the following perspectives to her understanding of resilience:

  • Registered Nurse, caring for children and families in the midst of crisis
  • Youth worker, finding strengths in young people who are often seen as deviant
  • Teacher, tapping into the developmental needs and learning curves of children in many different settings
  • Clinical Psychologist, working therapeutically with individuals and their families, in order to facilitate change

These diverse perspectives have enabled Lyn to create a model of resilience which captures the process of interactions that occur around a person, and also presents the person as a dynamic player with these interactions. 

Lyn has presented the Resilience Doughnut at many parent forums, staff development days and conferences for professionals who work with children and young people. Lyn has also used the principles in the Resilience Doughnut to train leaders, organisations and community groups with skills for coping with stress and adversity, developing personal and professional resilience, and dealing with organisational change and other challenging agendas in the workplace.

In all of Lyn’s work, she is well known for her optimistic approach to finding helpful solutions to difficult situations. The Resilience Doughnut is no exception! Many parents and professionals in various settings have commented on the simplicity and ease in using the Resilience Doughnut.

Lyn Worsley also features as the in house psychologist with the radio program Open House on Sunday nights. Her weekly segment is called 'The Human Condition', exploring the issues, characters and quirks that make us human, and how we can have a rich, meaningful and resilient life. Click here for details.

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